Here are some clients/peers who shared their experiences with Laura:

Laura is kind, compassionate, smart, and professional. She guided me through food and body anxieties in a personalized, thoughtful, and even fun process. Always there if I needed her, and always open to an honest examination of my behavior, Laura helped me believe in my capacity for change and growth, and stands out as one of my most valued teachers. Thanks Laura! – Ben


Healthy Habits is a clear and structured program that will help children and their families develop a healthful approach to eating and exercise.  It teaches the importance of good nutrition and physical fitness while developing a healthful relationship with food and body.  I was so happy to find a program that believes all foods can fit!  As a registered dietitian and mom of two young children, I highly recommend Healthy Habits! – Allison Topilow, MS, RD, CEDRD, CDN


Laura has prepared a well balanced recipe for fun and healthy eating!  She is attentive to details to help young and older eaters alike pay attention to the fuel that they feed their bodies (and also doesn’t neglect the importance of activity/exercise). She serves up the right amount of basic nutritional information and tops it with important, sensitive tips to encourage focus on a healthy eating process.  Recipes included are fun, simple for the busy household, delicious, and nutritious.  I highly recommend this to parents, nutrition educators, or anyone interested in revamping how they think about food. – Dr. Mittsi Crossman, Psychiatrist and Eating Disorder Specialist


Love, love, love Healthy Habits as a teaching tool for kids and their families. I have been teaching weight management groups for this particular population for many years, and have been looking for new programming ideas. Laura’s manual is simple to follow and promotes balanced, healthy, moderate eating and exercise. As a certified intuitive eating counselor, it is indeed refreshing to find a mindfulness-based, non-diet approach to teaching our children “healthy habits!” I will be using this manual myself now. – Erica Leon, MS, RDN, CDN


I am so glad that I have Laura as my RD.  It’s a simple sentence but it speaks volumes.  There is A LOT of nutritional information out there that we see, read, and hear.  Not all of it is true and not all of it applies to everyone.  Having Laura ‘on my side’ makes my life a healthier one.  I don’t have to guess, or try and decipher on my own what I should or shouldn’t be doing as I work towards my healthy lifestyle.  Laura answers my questions and explains things to me so I understand what I am doing and the ‘why’ behind it.  Sure enough it always makes sense and works! – Client who wished to remain anonymous


In between my phone sessions, I read her blogs.  I love them!   Without a doubt, I learn something new every time I read them.

Thank you Laura for being someone I can TRUST.  Whether we’re having a phone session, I’m reading one of your blogs, or I’m watching you on TV, you never cease to inspire, motivate, and educate.  I do my absolute best to really LISTEN to what you are saying and apply it to my everyday life.  The game plans we talk about are not crazy, stressful, 360 degree sudden changes, but rather small, positive changes that truly add up and without a doubt make a difference!

I am blessed to have such a knowledgeable, smart, kind, and down to earth person’ in my corner’ as I strive to reach and maintain the healthiest me I can be. - Jennifer


Laura’s guidance during my treatment at Mount Sinai was invaluable and genuinely saved my life. I would rather have no one else to work with. – Christine 


Laura  Cipullo is an incredible dietitian who has been truly instrumental in my recovery process. Whether during individual session or at meal group, she has guided me nutritionally, helping me to see how food can be both nourishing and enjoyable. She is able to distinguish between the eating disorder and my own personal beliefs, ready to challenge one step further and to consider commonly disregarded components, such as the role of social eating. The goals and plans are always realistic, always jointly decided, and with her vast and up to date knowledge of food and nutrition, she is able to provide appropriate and accurate feedback. However, I believe it is Laura’s kind hearted nature and sincere support that makes working with her both enjoyable and a blessing. I thank Laura for all she has done as I continue to recover from my eating disorder, and I hope you have the chance to meet with her at some point. - Megan


I have worked with Laura for almost two years and while my needs have changed throughout that time period, having her advice and support has meant that I consistently stay on the road to wellness. Laura has helped me to achieve and maintain a long-standing recovery from an eating disorder, embark on healthy weight loss, and assure proper nutrition while training for endurance running events. Laura has been there to offer knowledge and support whether my concerns were large or small. Through working with Laura, I have successfully begun to develop a healthy relationship with food and my body. - Jessica


I have always struggled with my weight, eating habits, and self esteem. Since initially going to see Laura almost four years ago, I am now a changed person. She is very knowledgeable and is able to bring an individualized, one-on-one, element to weight management that is missing from many other programs. Laura is extremely professional, compassionate, as well as dedicated to all of her clients. There are not enough words to express my gratitude for all she has done for me. I will forever be thankful to Laura for helping me become the person that I am today. - Jaime


Laura Cipulo has greatly expanded my daughter’s repertoire of foods. By listening to and challenging my daughter’s thoughts and beliefs about food, Laura has taught my daughter to be more flexible and open minded at snack and meal times. I appreciate what she’s done for my daughter. - Lara


Laura obviously enjoys her profession, is practical, and offers many wonderful suggestions which make planning meals a joy. Over the years I have continued to see her to enhance my own nutritional status and I have referred quite a few of my friends to her as well. Her interest in the subject is contagious and her knowledge in the field is extensive. I would go to her whether or not I had medical issues in order to stay informed. - Natalie


Laura is the most honest, caring, dedicated, knowledgeable and trustworthy dietician that I have ever encountered during my struggle with an eating disorder… I never trusted a dietician with my meal plan or weight, but when I met Laura, I knew that she was someone I could trust. She always makes you feel validated and heard, and I always knew she cared about my well being and only wanted the best for me… I knew I had support whenever I needed it with Laura… Laura helped me to establish a healthier relationship with food and helped me to let go of some of my eating disorder… I will forever be grateful that I was able to work with such an amazing woman as my dietician… - Brianne


Thank you again for your help – I call you a member of Harry Potter’s gang because one session worked some magic. - Susan


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