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Achieving & Maintaining Good Health

My mission is to provide individualized nutrition counseling, to clarify misconceptions regarding the efficacy of quick-fix diets, and to apply medical nutrition therapy to promote optimal health and lifelong wellness.

My goal is to help you achieve long-term dietary changes through health promotion and disease prevention and treatment, with a nutritional-care plan specific to you that embraces wholesome nutrition and a balanced lifestyle. — Laura Cipullo, RD, CDE, CEDRD

You will learn useful strategies for balancing food, movement and mental well-being with nutritional counseling. Take the time now to make lifelong changes to achieve and maintain good health. Individualized diet counseling and medical nutrition therapy sessions with Laura Cipullo, an experienced health-care professional, may include:

Initial Whole Nutrition Assessment (Individual, Couples or Family assessments available)
Follow-Up Whole Nutrition Session (15 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes)

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Children Individual or Family Consult
Healthy Habits
Adults Individual or Family Consult
Meal Support Therapy
Groups Meal Support Therapy
Education Whole Nutrition News – Wholesome nutrition advice newsletter
EALM Blog – Straight forward, weight neutral nutrition education
Mom Dishes It Out (MDIO) – Laura’s personal mom blog
Press Nutrition and Diabetes Expert
Certified Eating Disorder Specialist
Founder of Mom Dishes It Out
Author, Speaker
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