Healthy Habits — for Children and their Educators

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Healthy Habits’ mission is to help children develop positive relationships with eating and neutral relationships with food. It provides honest, credible and fun health education utilizing nutrition and exercise principles designed to promote positive behavioral changes. The anticipated result: lifelong healthy habits leading to optimal wellness for the entire family.

Healthy Habits’ goal is to unite children and their families to achieve long-term dietary changes and increased physical activity through personalized group education in friendly, non-judgmental environments. In other words, Healthy Habits’ ultimate goal is to encourage the development of confident children living sensibly using the “Everyday Foods versus Sometimes Foods” philosophy.

Creating Healthy Habits Week by Week

Healthy Habits can be used as a continuous eight-week program incorporating both healthy eating and exercise in order to teach children to eat sensibly and to be active. This flexible program can also be used as a guide for coaches, schoolteachers or even parents teaching nutrition. Lesson plans may be employed individually throughout the year as guides for sharing positive nutrition messages rather than a good-versus-bad nutrition philosophy. The program is divided into eight lessons, each with a hands-on nutrition activity, corresponding teacher’s plan, a child-friendly handout and homework. Healthy Habits is sensitive to eating disorder prevention, focuses on accepting all bodies, and encourages children to honor their bodies by consuming all types of food.

This health promotion workbook was developed by Laura Cipullo, RD, CDE, CEDRD, in response to the increase in eating disorders as well as the childhood obesity epidemic universally declared by the media. Healthy Habits is also a tool for families to use in preventing, or helping with, children’s food and weight issues. The program was designed to educate children of all shapes and sizes on how to make appropriate nutrition choices for the rest of their lives.

Each week children learn new nutrition concepts through hands-on activities led by a registered dietitian, a health facilitator, a teacher or even a parent. This unique approach utilizes Laura Cipullo’s expertise as a certified diabetes educator and a certified eating disorder registered dietitian. Healthy Habits is the answer to parents’ nutrition education concerns whether they are implementing the program themselves or sending their children to participate in the program.

Physical activity is recommended as an adjunct to the nutrition lessons and should be incorporated within a supportive and safe environment. The children can exercise or learn yoga and dance with an exercise physiologist, gym teacher, dance instructor or parent.

What You Learn

  • Eating all types of foods
  • Portion management
  • Lifestyle exercises
  • Balancing your body’s natural weight
  • The importance of family support
  • Healthy hints and the art of balance
  • Your body as your friend
  • The right reward
  • A positive relationship with eating

Formula for Success

  • Healthy and happy eating for the whole family
  • Foods are identified as “Everyday” and “Sometimes” foods
  • There are no good foods or bad foods
  • Weight management is not dependent on fad diets, rather health promotion
  • Body movement is fun
  • Carbohydrates, proteins and fats are all part of a healthy meal plan
  • Our body cues are the key to health success
  • Listening, understanding and respecting body cues
  • Setting realistic goals

Healthy Habits

Healthy Habits is available for purchase online (click here to order). Upon purchasing the program, you will receive a time-sensitive pass code to download the program to your computer. The program contains 8 lesson plans with accompanying handouts and homework assignments, as well as Healthy Habits’s Food Index and Easy Recipes. The program can be modified for different age groups but was designed for children between 8 and 14. Healthy Habits is available for a low cost of $14.95, in an effort to make this needed program available to every person who impacts a child’s state of health.