Fight aging with fat.

Fight aging with fat! Stay young by consuming monounsaturated fats like almonds and avocados. These MUFA’s help increase our good cholesterol known as HDL. HDL cholesterol is anti inflammatory and heart protective. So add some almonds and avocados to your salad!

Farm to Table

“The greatest thing you can do for your children is to cook and share food
with them. The precious moments you spend together around the family table
go way beyond the food itself; they lead to an understanding of the benefits
of healthy eating and are the basis for good family relationships.”– Jacques Pépin, national spokesperson of Spoons Across America

Jacques Pepin said it well. Fortunately, it is summer so sharing the education of where food comes from is easy. Grab your cotton, reusable tote and head to the Farmers Market. This is a great experience for you and your children to find new foods to enjoy. My favorite find at the Union Square Greenmarket – fiddleheads!

New York and LA Markets: and

"Mommyrexia" – Eating disorders before, during and after pregnancy.

The NY Post reports “Mommyrexia Takes Manhattan

Unfortunately, this is true and especially evident as I walked to a meeting on the Upper East Side this morning. Pregnancy and motherhood should be about our baby’s health and being a positive role model for tots as they grow into self feeders. Not gaining enough weight during pregnancy has consequences that can lead to miscarriage, pre term delivery and or respiratory problems. Read these 2 links to get the facts on EDO’s and pregnancy: and

If you are a mom to be don’t fall prey to society’s pressure to be super skinny with a bump in front. If you are a new mom super skinny super fast is not realistic nor is healthy for your metabolism. Instead, enjoy pregnancy and savor your time as a new mom, bond with your baby. The baby weight comes off slowly and consistently by eating a balanced intake and resuming exercise 6 weeks post partum. Being a mom is better than being a size double zero.