Now you can tell if you have prediabetes by testing your Hemoglobin A1C. If your A1C test reveals a level >/= 5.7% and < /=6.4%, you are considered to have prediabetes. You can prevent diabetes by changing your intake and your lifestyle. If you have prediabetes, consider seeing a registered dietitian.

Mini vacation for $5.00

The winter weather continues and many of us are in need of a vacation. If you have 90 minutes and 5 dollars, get refreshed with NYC’s Integral Yoga Institute’s community yoga class on Tuesdays at 9:15am. After completing this traditional yoga class, you will be positively renewed and ready to be proactive again! If NYC is not your playground, try any Hatha yoga class to ease you through the last few weeks of winter.

It's National Nutrition Month – Set Some Goals

In honor of National Nutrition Month, set 2 new nutrition goals to keep moving forward on your health journey. When setting these goals be sure to make them small and realistic. Say “I will do” something rather than “I will try” to do something. To ensure your goal is realistic, set a goal you are confident in achieving. For instance, if you don’t exercise, I recommend setting a goal of walking around the block for 5 minutes daily.  A goal of walking 45 minutes a day for a non-exerciser would be unrealistic. Finally, make sure your goals are measurable such as “I will eat leafy greens with dinner three days a week.”

So get going and set 2 nutrition goals tonight!

What not to say to your child.

As adults, teachers and or parents, we must carefully choose the words we use when talking to children. This is especially important when discussing their food and their bodies (in addition to our food and our bodies). Don’t make your food /body issues, your children’s misfortune.

Avoid using the following words to describe food: good, bad, junk, treats. Instead, consider words such as nutritous, nutrient dense, high in antioxidants, necessary,  less nutritious, and or a sometimes food.

Please avoid descibing bodies as fat, chubby, skinny and or perfect.  Rather bodies can be described as beautiful, different, physically capable and individual.

Try calling it MOVEMENT.

Physical activity should not be for the sole reason of burning calories. In doing so, we take the enjoyment out of the activity and make it seem like a chore.  Rather than say exercise, try calling it movement. This helps to decrease the psychological barriers that prevent you from engaging in physical activity. Movement should be fun.  Moving is like brushing your teeth – we all need to do it regardless of age, size and or health.  The flavor toothpaste you choose is up to you. Therefore, you can do yoga, pilates, zumba, walking, spinning, basketball, swimming, boxing… The list goes on. Move to increase your energy, to increase your “feel good hormones” and increase your self confidence. Motivate and move.

Taming your Type A personality…

In order to achieve a life of moderation, we need to create balance. We need to reduce stress, take a mini “mental break” and or learn to cope by calming ourselves. Here are 4 suggestions to help introduce some “peace of mind” into your day.
1. Check out they can create a playlist with your favorite tunes or new tunes to help mellow you out.
2. Check out to try a free five minute meditation.
3. If you are open and ready for the next level, take a meditation class or practice yoga at Integral Yoga, NYC.
4. Check out to discover more ways to be present in the moment.

9 months later…

My client came into my office and declared “After 9 months, I finally like to exercise!” First, I would like to congratulate her on this new rewarding behavior. This particular client has also lost 50 pounds during these months. The point here is that you can change your behavior and consequently change your thoughts, perceptions and even life.

Hot and sweaty in 35 degree weather…

Get hot and sweaty at Soul Cycle. I highly recommend spin class especially with Janet at Soul Cycle in NYC. This is not just spinning. It is a team of riders, focused on a personal intention, expressing gratitude for your body, your mind and your abilities. Candles are burning, the music is motivating and you are inspired to be an athlete for the 45 minute ride. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids during and after class.