Farm to Table

“The greatest thing you can do for your children is to cook and share food
with them. The precious moments you spend together around the family table
go way beyond the food itself; they lead to an understanding of the benefits
of healthy eating and are the basis for good family relationships.”– Jacques Pépin, national spokesperson of Spoons Across America

Jacques Pepin said it well. Fortunately, it is summer so sharing the education of where food comes from is easy. Grab your cotton, reusable tote and head to the Farmers Market. This is a great experience for you and your children to find new foods to enjoy. My favorite find at the Union Square Greenmarket – fiddleheads!

New York and LA Markets: and

Picky Eater Solution – ZOKU Quick Pop Maker

Do your children eat fruit? Do they only like fruit flavored foods rather than the real thing? If this sounds like your child, here is a possible solution. Make real fruit ice pops by blending fresh fruit with a tiny bit a water and agave. Use the ZOKU – QUICK POP MAKER: Pour your real fruit blend into the pop maker and in 9 minutes you have real frozen fruit pops. Children with texture issues and or sensitive palates are likely to enjoy these pops while benefiting from the vitamins, minerals and even some fiber of the real fruit. Your children can help you make these quick, mess free pops. My boys love them!

Peel Me A Parsnip!

Want to get more veggies in your intake? Try using the KYOCERA Advanced Ceramic Peeler. I bought this kitchen tool at Whole Foods for $9.99. It is a very cool peeler! Last night I peeled strips of parsnips, carrots and radishes over my salad. The veggies added color, crunch and of course wholesome nutrition.