What not to say to your child.

As adults, teachers and or parents, we must carefully choose the words we use when talking to children. This is especially important when discussing their food and their bodies (in addition to our food and our bodies). Don’t make your food /body issues, your children’s misfortune.

Avoid using the following words to describe food: good, bad, junk, treats. Instead, consider words such as nutritous, nutrient dense, high in antioxidants, necessary,  less nutritious, and or a sometimes food.

Please avoid descibing bodies as fat, chubby, skinny and or perfect.  Rather bodies can be described as beautiful, different, physically capable and individual.

Working on Recovery: Meal Guidance in NYC

Laura Cipullo. LLC Whole Nutrition Services is now offering meal guidance known as Meal Support Therapy for women ages 18-35, in a group setting. The women will eat together in a safe and supportive environment. Eating with Laura will help clients practice mindfulness and identify what a normal meal looks like. Support and discussion will follow every meal. This is a time to feel nurtured by food and new friends. Please contact Laura directly if you are interested in joining the group.