Is food always on your mind?


    5 Signs You May Be Eating When You Don’t Need To You sneak food. You eat every time you come home regardless of your hunger level. You eat in bed. You always eat when you are sad or angry. You eat food just because it is there. If you answer yes to any […]

Wait!!! You’re a male with an eating disorder?


By Dr. Tony Wendorf, Guest Blogger In a culture that values image so much, women may feel a lot of pressure to look a certain way.  Over the last few decades the movement toward valuing “being thin” has progressed at an alarming rate. Eating disorders have also followed suit and increased over the last 10-20 […]

Leaving Perfectionism Out of Your Diet

By Katherine Kaczor, Nutrition Assistant and Intern We all want to eat right, but no one can (or should) have a perfect diet. This perfectionist mentality limits our enjoyment of food and ultimately out of life. Perfectionism does not belong at the table. Follow these tips to have a healthier relationship with food. Make foods […]

Are you trying to lose weight?

If you are trying to lose weight by restricting during the day, be aware that this causes binging. This is a constant theme that unveils itself regularly in nutrition sessions with my clients. Instead of sabotaging your efforts, work slowly and in phases. Go from A to B to C. Do not attempt to go […]