6 Nutrition Trends of 2013


Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia These seeds are gaining even more popularity and are being called the “new flax seed”.  You can even find them in single serving pouches like you can nuts, etc. to make them easier to add to your meals and snacks. Natural sugar “alternatives.” Coconut sugar and coconut nectar are leading this battle. Coconut sugar comes [...]

A Soy-licious Dinner

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Last month, Solae hosted a dinner created by Chef Peter Berley, former executive chef at Angelica Kitchen NYC and author of The Flexitarian Table. Held at The Kitchen NYC, the event provided for a wonderful opportunity to meet new people, learn more about soy protein isolate, and try  Chef Berley’s soy-licious dishes! Prior to the [...]

What’s on our “Q”?

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 The Skinny on Shakes for People With Diabetes With so many meal replacements on the market, but how do you pick which one is best? Taste shouldn’t be the only determining factor. It can be important to consider the sugar, carbohydrate or even protein content.11 Nutritious, Kid-Friendly Finger Foods Who doesn’t love meatballs? Check out [...]

Be Hip and Healthy at NYC’s Top Chic Restaurants


Living in NYC is about working hard and playing and who are we kidding, being our best. So while out on the town, Laura Cipullo, will give you her favorite healthy dishes at this urban’s oasis of fun summer restaurants. Bacaro Escape the scene and the heat and go underground to this cool bar and [...]