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While Laura Cipullo and the Laura Cipullo Whole Nutrition Team work on some new and exciting projects, you may notice less posts on the Eating and Living Moderately Blog. We have created a “blog shelf” below to keep you entertained and educated. Get caught up on the latest nutrition education by clicking on each year […]

Mommies Nutrition Made Easy For Mother’s Day

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Pregnancy is both an exciting and life-changing experience. Your body undergoes many changes and with pregnancy lasting approximately 38 to 40 weeks, EALM thought it would be helpful to give pregnant moms three easy to follow daily nutrition samples.

How to Feed a Fast!

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Most people have heard of the term fasting before. While we don’t encourage fasting for any other reason besides religious holidays, like Tisha B’Av and Ramadan. We have come up with 7 Simple Pre- and Post-Fasting Tips to help you get through the process. Read more for the tips.

Food Cravings: Consuming Peanuts and Soy During Pregnancy


Originally published on NY Metro Are you craving a peanut butter and jelly sandwich during your pregnancy? Did you religiously consume soy products like yogurt and milk before your pregnancy, but aren’t sure if you should continue to do so? Manhattan nutritionist and mother of two says it’s OK! My friends used to glare at me […]

The Vogue Milk: Which milk is for you?

The Vogue Milk Laura Cipullo, RD, CDE Laura Cipullo Whole Nutrition Services, NYC Almond, Cashew, Cow, Goat, Hemp, Oat, Rice… Gone are the days of whole, low fat, no fat milk. Now one can choose milk from other animals such as a goat or from other plants like hemp! Whether you have food allergies or […]