Sugar Substitutes: A Sweet Deal?

Artificial Sweeteners

Sugar Substitutes: A Sweet Deal? Seated at a restaurant or standing at the coffee bar, do you reach for the blue, yellow, pink or green packet? Well, that depends. Do you prefer aspartame, neotame, saccharin or sucralose with your coffee? If you have no idea what any of these ingredients are, perhaps the names of […]

Laura’s Lunches

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Here are three recipes to get you or your kids hungry for lunch. The three lunch ideas are all diabetes friendly. So whether you have diabetes or just want to prevent diabetes, use these recipes for lunch time options. They are all lunchbox safe too. No spoiling with this unpredictable weather. Find the third recipe […]

Sustainable Agriculture


You may have heard the word “sustainability” used quite often over the last few years, but what does it mean? Read on to learn what sustainable agriculture is, and how our everyday decisions can make a lasting impact on future generations. What is Sustainable Agriculture? Sustainable agriculture is somewhat of an umbrella term used to […]

Food Cravings: Consuming Peanuts and Soy During Pregnancy


Originally published on NY Metro Are you craving a peanut butter and jelly sandwich during your pregnancy? Did you religiously consume soy products like yogurt and milk before your pregnancy, but aren’t sure if you should continue to do so? Manhattan nutritionist and mother of two says it’s OK! My friends used to glare at me […]