Laura contributes to Diabetes Forecast – Dear Food Diary


  Keeping a Food Journal Recording what you eat can help with weight and blood glucose control By Tracey Neithercott Read Laura Cipullo’s contribution to the December issue at Diabetes Forecast.

Laura contributes to – Olive oil is 26% cheaper


A cornucopia of ideas for a thriftier Thanksgiving and ways to give back are shared in’sBountiful Thanksgiving Budget article. See your RD’s suggestions like “meals on wheels”, volunteering the week after the holiday for your soup kitchen and saving you heart & wallet with olive oil at eHow.

Do you know your risk?

National Cholesterol Education Program

Calculate your risk for cardiovascular disease withthe Cardiovascular Disease Risk Calculator

Exercise Tips from APMA


4 Important Exercise Tips from the American Podiatric Medical Association. Target Heart Rate: “As you work out, monitor your heart rate to stay near the target heart range (start with 220, subtract your age, then multiply by 0.8 to find target heart range). You should be within five of the target range. Monitor pulse at […]

Tips to Avoid Mindless Eating

In 2009, I attended a seminar Turning Mindless Eating tm Into Mindless Weight Loss taught by Brian Wansink, PhD Food Psychologist at the Cornell Food and Brand Lab. Here are the tips I learned: Tips to Avoid Mindless Eating Repackage snacks into individual sized bags to prevent overconsumption. Larger containers make us more likely to […]