Defy Aging with the ABC’s of Youth

Cereal grains like whole wheat berries, rye berries and quinoa are low glycemic grains.

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Move over TV dinners and say hi to this microwave meal.

It’s the end of August and we are all scrambling to get everything ready for the new school year. Sometimes meals become second priority. If you are lacking time and want something tasty, try Kashi’s Pesto Pasta Primavera. Add one half cup of beans (rec. no added salt) to this microwave meal and you have a balanced vegetarian lunch option with 18 grams […]

Are your food issues causing your child to have an eating disorder?


Read my nutrition article on feeding your children at citibabes blog: 1. If you struggle with your own food issues and fear they may alter your child’s relationship with food. 2. Need guidance feeding your children a balanced intake. 3. Are confused if a donut is okay to offer your child. 4. If you are […]

Big Butt Campaign

From one of my clients: “I get what they are trying to do here…but this really bothers me.  First off this girl doesn’t have a big butt…and second why do you have to justify having a big butt…even though I don’t think she does…to me it’s coming off a little more defensive than accepting. I […]