Farm to Table

“The greatest thing you can do for your children is to cook and share food with them. The precious moments you spend together around the family table go way beyond the food itself; they lead to an understanding of the benefits of healthy eating and are the basis for good family relationships.”- Jacques Pépin, national […]

“Mommyrexia” – Eating disorders before, during and after pregnancy.

The NY Post reports “Mommyrexia Takes Manhattan” Unfortunately, this is true and especially evident as I walked to a meeting on the Upper East Side this morning. Pregnancy and motherhood should be about our baby’s health and being a positive role model for tots as they grow into self feeders. Not gaining enough weight during […]

Thank You New Jersey – 6/8/2011

 After 11 years of nutrition consulting in Bergen County, NJ, I am closing my Englewood Cliffs, NJ nutrition office today. I expanded my nutrition practice in New York City this past spring and will continue to counsel nutrition in the city specializing in family nutrition, eating disorders, diabetes education and weight management. I am grateful […]