How Successful Weight Losers Do It

On Mondays, I teach a Healthy Lifestyle class through Cardiometabolic Support Network. Today, the class topic was How Successful Weight Losers Do It. Class referenced the National Weight Control Registry at The following excerpt is taken from the NWCR’s research: There is variety in how NWCR members keep the weight off. Most report continuing […]

Optimal Absorption

Be sure to take your multivitamin with food. Vitamins and food work like a lock and key. If you don’t have food for the vitamin to “latch onto,” the vitamin will not get absorbed.

Sweet Tooth

Everything in moderation. Yes, this includes sweets. If we deprive ourselves of a certain food or a category of food, we are more likely to crave that food. There is a higher chance you may binge on a restricted food. So go ahead and allow yourself to have something sweet. My clients and I love […]

9 months later…

My client came into my office and declared “After 9 months, I finally like to exercise!” First, I would like to congratulate her on this new rewarding behavior. This particular client has also lost 50 pounds during these months. The point here is that you can change your behavior and consequently change your thoughts, perceptions […]