New Habits

Many of you have created healthy new habits this past year. Many of you have lost sight of these new habits,  especially around holidays. The most important health success is to be able to redirect yourself and get back to your new healthy habits.  Expect at times you may eat too many cookies or miss exercise. […]

One step at a time.

Are you thinking about your 2011 resolutions? Consider this,  instead of making rash diet resolutions, make small changes in your intake. This will prevent the feeling of deprivation and ultimately, a binge. For example, if you are feeling guilty from over-consuming during the holidays, identify one thing you can change.  Make it a small change and […]

Wholly Guacomole

If you have high LDL cholesterol and or want to have a healthier intake, consider Wholly Guacamole 100 calorie snack packs. Use the guacamole on a sandwich instead of cheese. You will get 4 grams of fiber and heart healthy monounsaturated fats. This is an easy way to get a dose of healthy fats. Look for […]

It’s a grey thing.

Try not to control your food (life) rather try to balance your food (life). Find the grey zone in the middle. Think moderation, think sometimes. Avoid the extremes of black and white thinking. Apply this concept to your food intake and your everyday living.