Cook with Laura Iu, RDN and Make Your Lifestyle Healthy!

Laura Iu Cooking Classes



Ready to achieve all of your wellness goals and make healthy your lifestyle?

Rather than dwelling on diets, Laura will show you how you to create simple and nourishing meals in your very own


Laura Cipullo Whole Nutrition Services is now offering the following services:

As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Laura Iu brings together the unique combination

of culinary expertise and nutrition education. Reclaim your health and gain the essential

skills you need on your quest towards healthy living.


Individual Cooking Classes

Build your confidence in the kitchen while meeting your specific goals! This is a great

option for adults with specific dietary needs, health concerns, or those simply interested

in learning how to cook. With a personalized meal plan designed just for you, lessons

range from basic cooking skills to time saving tips on preparing fast and healthy meals

for you and/or the whole family.


Kids Cooking Classes and Nutrition Lessons

Teach your kids to love nourishing foods! Through hands-on activities, these interactive

classes will get kids excited about tasting new foods, learning about new ingredients,

and will empower them with healthy cooking skills that they can use for a lifetime.

Participants have the opportunity to get involved with measuring, weighing, and

following recipes in a fun and nurturing environment!


*All classes will be conducted in a nominated space of your own, scheduled at your convenience, and can be tailored toward your individual needs.


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