RD and Mom Approved Summer Camps

Photo by: The Nature Place Day Camp
Photo by: The Nature Place Day Camp

June is here! So is the time for weekend BBQs and sending your little ones off to camp! If you’re still finalizing your campers’ plans or don’t know where to start, we have a few suggestions that may be just what you’re looking for.

 The Nature Place Camp

Discover your roots in a whole different way! The Nature Place Camp offers two summer programs.   Farm & Garden Days where campers are involved in the garden from prepping to plant seeds to harvesting, and then even cooking a meal out of what they’ve grown!   The Nature Place Day Camp program overs a more varied range of activities and outdoor fun, including gardening and cooking components, where campers can discover and learn about the nature around them in a non-competitive and friendly environment.

Photo by: The Nature Place Day Camp
Photo by: The Nature Place Day Camp

 Butter Beans

This 2-week complete farm-to-table experience is a great way to get your kids talking about where food comes from (even in NYC!) and creative ways they can try new foods! Butter Beans is not a camp to miss with “Top Chef” style team cook-offs, learning how to compost, lessons from local food experts and campers even write their own cookbooks!

 Taste Buds

Allow your budding chef to hone their culinary skills in this kitchen-based summer camp! Choose to drop in for the day or stick around for a whole week of creative cooking and learning. Each week has a different theme from Baking 101 to Around the World: France, to Iron Chef, where campers will create savory and sweet dishes from a mystery basket of ingredients, to even visiting NYC food vendors and trying signature dishes which are then recreated back in the Taste Buds kitchen!

Photo by: Taste Buds Kitchen
Photo by: Taste Buds Kitchen

 The Art Farm

Looking for a program for your child to learn about nature, animals and the planet we live on? With an eco-friendly and organic facility offering programs varied based on your child’s age, The Art Farm in the City will send your camper home with stories of everything from animal science to science experiments to soccer games and of course, new friends!

 Sur la Table

Maybe not looking for a full-day experience, but still want your child to have a taste of the culinary world? Sur la table offers kids and teens cooking classes! Each lasting about 2 ½ hours a day, for five days of themed, hands-on learning and cooking! After a week of going over basic knife skills, measuring, mixing, how to follow a recipe and the science of cooking, each camper will come home with their own recipe packet of what they made during the five days!

So, whether it’s for a day or a few weeks, we hope you find the best place for your camper to learn and grow and maybe even how to grow and cook some yummy foods along the way!

Cook with Laura Iu, RDN and Make Your Lifestyle Healthy!

Laura Iu Cooking Classes



Ready to achieve all of your wellness goals and make healthy your lifestyle?

Rather than dwelling on diets, Laura will show you how you to create simple and nourishing meals in your very own


Laura Cipullo Whole Nutrition Services is now offering the following services:

As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Laura Iu brings together the unique combination

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Individual Cooking Classes

Build your confidence in the kitchen while meeting your specific goals! This is a great

option for adults with specific dietary needs, health concerns, or those simply interested

in learning how to cook. With a personalized meal plan designed just for you, lessons

range from basic cooking skills to time saving tips on preparing fast and healthy meals

for you and/or the whole family.


Kids Cooking Classes and Nutrition Lessons

Teach your kids to love nourishing foods! Through hands-on activities, these interactive

classes will get kids excited about tasting new foods, learning about new ingredients,

and will empower them with healthy cooking skills that they can use for a lifetime.

Participants have the opportunity to get involved with measuring, weighing, and

following recipes in a fun and nurturing environment!


*All classes will be conducted in a nominated space of your own, scheduled at your convenience, and can be tailored toward your individual needs.


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The Pros and Cons of Being a Vegetarian Fitness Enthusiast

Photo Credit: Alan Cleaver via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: Alan Cleaver via Compfight cc


  1. Eating a plant-based diet provides a plethora of antioxidants such as Vitamin C and Vitamin A to fight free radicals caused by exercise (where free radicals are produced at a greater rate).
  2. You are forced to focus on your dark leafy greens like spinach and collard greens and high Vitamin C foods like peppers and oranges to absorb the non – heme iron found in plant foods.
  3. Pre training foods like bagels, yogurt and peanut butter are already a part of your daily intake.
  4. You’re at an even greater advantage to prevent heart disease by exercising and eating the healthy fats such as almonds, avocados and lean proteins like beans and fish.
  5. Your physical activity and plant based lifestyle are dually protective against diabetes. Vegan diets have been shown to lower one’s average 3 month blood glucose.


  1. You must make extra effort to get your  8 essential amino acids needed for muscle and hormone synthesis by eating a variety of protein sources like beans, peanut butter, tofu and quinoa.
  2. You may need to take an omega 3 Fatty Acid supplement if you are not consuming deep sea fish. There are vegetarian marine algae forms of DHA available.
  3. Caution – place extra emphasis on eating complex carbohydrates such as whole-wheat pasta, barely, and millet.  Avoid grabbing easy and available processed stand – bys like chips, packaged cookies, and boxed macaroni and cheese.
  4. Don’t fall prey to quick soy proteins sources like veggie burgers, “unchicken” fingers and fake meat. These products are highly processed, high in sodium and artificial fillers. In addition, limit soy intake to whole soy foods like tofu, tempeh, miso and edamame.  Choose one soy food /day.
  5. Bring on the Vit. B12. Vit. B12 is generally not found in plant sources. Milk, Fortified breakfast cereals and nutritional yeast are vegetarian friendly form of this water-soluble vitamin needed for red blood cell synthesis.

What Happens on the Bike…

Photo Credit: RambergMediaImages via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: RambergMediaImages via Compfight cc

What Happens on the Bike…
By Laura Cipullo, RD, CDE, CEDRD

About three years ago, my good friend Jaime invited me to go to spin class with her. She would come over every Sunday and literally stand above my bed and ask me if I was ready. I was a mom with two very young kids, a professional career, and a husband who worked all of the time. Was I ready? Of course not! But all I had to do was throw on leggings, a tank top and sunglasses to cover the mascara smudges around my eyes from the day before! The spin studio was rather dark inside so no one would see that I hadn’t used my make-up remover. Well, what happened on that bike was more than I ever hoped might happen! Thank you, Jaime, for dragging me out of bed! Thank you, Robert, for watching the kids! And thank you, Janet, for reminding me of my own possibilities.


Once I got to class that first morning, I never looked back. Now please realize…I’m not talking about spinning right now, but rather about having the time to dream again, to set goals again, and to just feel the remarkable joy of moving in my own body. I had been in a motorcycle accident in 1996; since that time, I’d never been able to ski, run, or even wear my stilettos without severe consequences and/or extreme pain. But cycling was easier on my leg…and it gave me back “my edge.” It provided me with the opportunity—as Janet, the spin instructor advised—to set an intention on the bike for when you were literally off the bike. She didn’t talk about calories (well, maybe sometimes); instead she spoke of envisioning something you wanted to achieve and riding for that purpose. I took her every word seriously. And while on that bike, I decided that I was going to pursue my dream of writing a book.


Week after week, I went to my church (“Soul Cycle”), as Janet would say—to envision my book and sometimes to ride for a friend or family member in need of positive energy. But I have to admit that it was in Janet’s class every Sunday morning that I reminded myself that I really could do this.


I soon learned that writing a book and getting it published by a big publishing house was, in short, a seemingly backward process. Instead of writing a book and then trying to get your name and book into the public eye, I was advised by all the top editors to start a personal blog (that project eventually became MomDishesItOut) and then to go straight to television. Many advised me to skip writing a book altogether, but a book was important to me—a stepping stone in my career, something I personally wanted to do, and something I really wanted to accomplish for my mom. So I decided to take the route of working in the media while trying to write the book too. But my time was limited, and after six months of media appearances, I received my first offer to write a book. This was not necessarily my dream book, but then again, I’d never specified which book I wanted to write while I spent all those Sundays spinning away! The book’s subject was, however, close to my heart because it was about diabetes. You see, all the men in my family have diabetes. Each had helped me in my career. Whether it was letting me come along on their appointments with dietitians or introducing me to their doctors, it was meaningful to me. So, this book could, and would, be my tribute to all of them.


In the fall of 2013, what happened on that bike actually became my reality. Rodale published my first book, The Diabetes Comfort Food Diet Cookbook, authored by me and the editors of Prevention Magazine. And then, just one month later, I self-published my second book, Healthy Habits: 8 Essential Nutrition Lessons Every Parent and Educator Needs. I dedicated my first book to my family members with diabetes and, of course, to my mother. My second book is not dedicated to anyone specifically; rather, it’s for every person with great hope that each will one day create a positive relationship with eating and a neutral relationship with food. It’s for my children, my clients, and all the parents out there who receive mixed messages on nutrition. This is the book that focuses on self-care and nutrient density, not weight loss and what you can’t have. It’s sort of like spinning. I spin to take care of myself and set goals rather than to lose weight or punish myself for eating a holiday dinner.

Photo Credit: rachel a. k. via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: rachel a. k. via Compfight cc

So find your vehicle—whether it’s a spin bike or a yoga mat or even a pew in your own spiritual temple. Set your intentions for 2015. And then let us know what happens! And again, thank you Jaime, Robert and Janet.