Shrink Session Giveaway


Shrink SessionSwitch up your fitness routine with an exciting class that combines cardio-dance, yoga grooves and mantras that you say OUT LOUD while you are moving!  Shrink Session allows you to sweat your way to your most confident, powerful self. While you are working your way to a tighter tush and more toned body, you are also sending a new message of love, gratitude and joy to every cell of your body. As you experience yourself moving into new territories of what you ever believed was possible, remember that all bodies are wonderful no matter what!


One lucky winner will receive online access to a full Shrink Session workout!

Enter by one of the following ways. You can submit more than one entry by doing any of the following. Just be sure to leave an additional comment letting us know you did! Good luck!

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    We’d love to hear about what ways you like to stay physically active and moving!. Giveaway ends on Sunday, June 23rd at 6:00 PM EST.

In the meantime… for a power pick-me-up and a sneak peek of the workout, you can also visit and sign up to receive a FREE 15 min workout delivered straight to your inbox!



Erin Stutland is a lifestyle and fitness coach and the creator of Shrink Session: Tone Your Body, Expand Your Mind. As a former professional dancer turned actress, Erin has guest starred on The Soprano’s, Chappelles Show, Sex and the City and more. She combined her love for movement, spirituality and self development into a unique fitness class that has impacted people all over the world.

Shrink Session, now an official class at Crunch Gyms, has been featured in Glamour Magazine, Daily Candy,, Hello Giggles, Crazy Sexy Life and reaches people in their homes in Australia, Tokyo, the UK and all over the United States.

Erin runs a coaching business where she has the opportunity to help women create movement in their bodies and their lives. She is passionate about guiding creative entrepreneurs and artists to clarify an ideal visions for their lives and then make a plan of action to get there. She does this and everything with a sense of humor, ease and a touch of sass, because going for your dreams should be nothing short of a good time.

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