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Here are three recipes to get you or your kids hungry for lunch. The three lunch ideas are all diabetes friendly. So whether you have diabetes or just want to prevent diabetes, use these recipes for lunch time options. They are all lunchbox safe too. No spoiling with this unpredictable weather. Find the third recipe on Laura’s mom blog MDIO Chicken Burritos — this recipe has been featured by Disney as well.

Hummus and Pita Wedges with a Side of Veggies and Milk

1 Whole grain pita (cut into wedges)
Sabra hummus
½ sliced apple hint – squeeze lemon juice on apple slices so they don’t turn brown
½ sliced carrot
¼ sliced orange pepper
1 small 8 oz. box of aseptic organic 1% milk 

Pb&J With A Side of Cheese and Fruit

Natural peanut butter and banana sandwich on Ezekiel sprouted bread, toasted

Hint: change to sunflower butter or almond butter if peanut free school; use 1 tbsp nut butter and ½ banana
A laughing cow cheese (in the wax)
¾ cup strawberries
1 glass of water

Chicken Burritos with a Side of Fruit and Soy Milk
1 whole wheat tortilla
1 oz. chicken
¼ cup beans
¼ c cooked, chopped spinach
A side of salsa for dipping (2 tbsp)
2 clementines
8 oz. unsweetened Silk soy milk

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