The Non-Diet Approach

Q: What is the non-diet approach?

A: The non diet approach is a philosophy and lifestyle for feeding and eating based on making food choices using a hunger fullness scale rather than a restricted calorie and or portioned diet plan. It is appropriate for children and adults.  In theory, this is the way we eat as infants, using hunger and fullness when breast feeding or bottle-feeding.


Q: What is a hunger fullness scale?

A: This is a scale from zero to ten that helps someone rate their individual feelings according to the descriptions. Zero is starving, Five is neutral and ten is thanksgiving full. For instance, a number seven is equal to full. One would stop here when they have had enough food to keep them satiated for the next three to four hours.


Q: Are all people able to identify when they are hungry and or full? It seems that Americans have trouble stopping when full.

A: We are learning that some people may have hormone issues that prevent them from feeling full. But there are tools to help someone who is having difficulty identifying feeling full. I recommend the person stop before feeling stuffed and even before they think they are full. It is also helpful to get up half way through a meal and walk around. Checking in with belly fullness is easier when you get up from the table.


Q: Can people lose weight using the non-diet approach?

A: Yes, you can lose weight especially if you are a late night eater or someone who eats for emotional comfort. Many people change their relationship with food and feel freed from yo yo dieting.


Q: Are there any good resources to help them people learn more about this approach?

A: Two of my favorite authors are Geneen Roth and Ellyn Satter. My favorite book is titled Intuitive Eating By Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch. I am currently working on a book on how to raise your children using this philosophy. Listeners can become educated on my blogs and


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