Outrage Over the Tube Feeding Diet

Tube Feeding Diet

Searching for the perfect wedding dress can be stressful but in that one moment when all eyes are looking at you, the pressure  to  look beautiful and feel beautiful can escalate. Now more and more often, bride-to-be’s  are looking for quick and simple weight loss solutions. One diet that has recently grabed a lot of attention from the media is the Ketogenic Enteral Nutrition Diet—also known as the Feeding Tube Diet. Utilized by people who are looking for rapid weight loss, this procedure involves a constant flow of liquid nourishment that runs from the nose, through the esophagus and into the stomach. While people can lose a lot of weight in a short amount of time, there are many important factors to consider.

Misuse of Medicine: Tube Feeding is approved for gaining weight and providing nutrition. Tube Feeding is warranted in a state of malnutrition not to cause malnutrition One can still eat with NG tubes, so why not just eat less food? There are medical risks to tube feeding.

Eating Disorders: Tube feedings are used to in extreme cases to refeed people suffering from an eating disorder. Encouraging a tube feeding diet may trigger an eating disorder.

Temporary Weight Loss Extreme dieting is neither healthy nor permanent. Weight is quickly regained as fat after extreme diets.

Honeymoon Weight gain Brides are likely to puff up with swelling once they resume drinking fluids and eating on their honeymoon. At the end of a two week honeymoon, a woman is likely to have gained the weight back and not fit into the honeymoon clothes. What will happen then?

As a RD, CDE I am appalled by this diet and find it disturbing that women feel the need to go to such extremes for one day in their life. What are your thoughts? Would you do this?

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    You said exactly what I keep saying to people – why not just EAT LESS FOOD? (I know from ED “experience” that the tube makes “sense” though — BUT THAT’S ED EXPERIENCE…it only makes “sense” in eating disordered logic).
    I think anyone who is considering this is at risk of developing an eating disorder, psychologically, and the tube feeding diet can make that risk into a reality.
    I hope that doctors STOP DOING THIS. They’re aiding malnutrition in someone who is mentally at risk to begin with.
    Anyone willing to go to that extreme is vulnerable and I can’t imagine that it is ethical to do this to someone so vulnerable to an eating disorder (even if people claim that they are mentally healthy).

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