Michelle Obama says Let's Move!

Laura’s Take on the Let’s Move! Campaign. Listen to Laura talk with Rita Cosby on wor710.com on 2/1/2012 or via podcast.

As a leader Michelle Obama is in a unique and powerful position to empower Americans to live healthier lives. She can influence food companies to provide less processed, higher quality foods to schools and to our supermarket shelves. She can raise the energy and spirit of health by advocating for health awareness and encouraging physical activity. Her celebrity status can help bring the USDA’s “MyPlate” to more families’ tables.  She can help spread the message to fill your plate with fruits, vegetables, whole grains and low fat dairy. Thankfully, Michelle Obama also stresses moderation and admits to eating her burgers and fries.

Let’s Move! is taking information that is already out there and bringing a greater awareness on how to access such health education. Many of the materials and guidelines are those developed by the USDA.

Michelle Obama has companies like Goya and California Fresh Work Funds trying to help initiative change.

Is this the right campaign?

At the end of the day, bringing awareness to health promotion and disease prevention needs to be the ultimate goal of someone like Michelle Obama. However, rather than fight obesity, the campaign may want to rephrase their negative spin and create a new positive tone to Let’s Move!

How about let’s move more, let’s move towards eating real wholesome foods and let’s move towards eating less processed food. Let’s move to building self esteem!!!

Can one person create change?

Yes, Jaime Oliver’s Food Revolution and The Biggest Loser are just two examples of how change happens. Even, the presidential chef is making change. In the Washington Post today, the presidential chef Cristeta Comerford reports losing 15 pounds and eating healthier with her own home garden. She was influenced by her boss, Michelle Obama!! That’s right, the White House has their own garden and serves seasonal garden veggies to their guests. Comerford now has her own garden too.


What can you do to make a difference? Can you change your language about health or perhaps just add a half cup of veggies to your dinner plate?



2 Replies to “Michelle Obama says Let's Move!”

  1. I, except when I was pregnant, 32 years ago..never had to worry about 15 lbs overweight. Now, years later, I can not look at food, without, putting on a lb or two. I have excercised, Cardio,and even have used the Ab Rocket (which I love) but I do not see any improvements. This has really has gotten me down, I am interested in any excercise that will get rid of this stomach and rear….

    When I was 86 lbs, I was so embarassed that I wore a light coat, in the summer, so no one can see my bones….I have put on lbs, since then (as I said) went from 86 to 115, and loved the weight, I looked great…………………THEN, I got greedy, I just ate and ate and ate till I stopped at 130 lbs…only 15 lbs more, it might of been 200 lbs because, to me, I do not see any differance….Anyway, I am so confused about, what to eat….I love pecan nuts, but, it feels like I have sawdust in my stomach….LOL…I need to slim down before Summer or I will go nuts….Thanks for the ear, Victoria

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