TTM Stages of Change – What stage are you at?

TTM is the transtheoretical model of change. TTM identifies 5 stages of change:

Precontemplation, Contemplation, Preparation, Action and Maintenance.

Have you ever wondered why you know all of the latest nutrition trends, read food labels and know how many points each food is, yet you can’t seem attain your health goals? The stages of change can help to explain what stage you are in and help you understand the process of change you must endure before moving to the next stage. If you fit the example above, you are most likely stuck in the preparation stage. Now you need to identify how to proceed to the action phase.

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  1. No question that Prochaski’s Stages of Change are important to understand when you or someone you’re helping wants to make changes in their lives. Along with Stages of Change, knowing your personality type based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is every bit as important and involved in how you can make it from one stage to the next. (For those interested in finding out their personality type, visit and take the free personality quiz.) There are 16 personality types, each made up of four preferences. While you’re at that URL, check out the slideshow to understand personality typing better.

    Just as an example, those who are “iNtuitives” may have an easier time seeing themselves move from one stage to the next because they live more in the future and can see what the changes will bring them. On the other hand, “Sensors”, who live in the moment, can possibly get stuck in one stage, especially if part of their type includes “Perceiving” (the preference that loves processing rather than getting it done and moving on).

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