Say no to the "Clean Plate Club."

Many of my readers find portion control to be quite daunting. You may hear the message that a portion is 3 oz of protein, 1 cup of grain plus 1.5 cup cooked vegetable. You think I can not eat that little amount and therefore you feel frustrated and eat even more. Don’t feel bad or overwhelmed. You were probably taught to clean your plate as a child. You may even feel guilty for leaving food on your plate at a restaurant. 

Instead, work with the idea of leaving one bite of food on your plate at meal times. Allow yourself to eat the majority of your food and get comfortable with what it feels like to leave one bite. It is likely you will be and feel successful. Keep repeating this effort until it becomes your new habit. Once the new habit is learned, you may want to consider leaving two bites on your overfull plate or just taking a smaller portion of food at meal times. The message is you can reach your nutrition goals, specifically portion control if you set small attainable goals and give yourself time to achieve the goals.

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