What are you hungry for?

There are three types of hunger: Physical, Behavioral and Emotional. Physical hunger is when you are truly in need of food. This is the belly and brain telling you it is time to eat. It has been 3-4 hours and you may feel hunger pangs, less able to focus on your task at hand or even a slight low in your blood sugar. Behavioral hunger is eating at noon because you always eat at noon. It can also be eating with your friends because they are eating. Emotional hunger is eating to soothe, comfort or even celebrate.

So think “Am I hungry?” Identify why you are eating and what are you hungry for. You could be hungry for food, or perhaps companionship or attention. If you are not physically hungry, but find yourself eating, ask yourself why.
Be mindful. Engage in eating for physiological reasons. Decide whether you want to be eating for behavioral and or emotional reasons. This is your choice.

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