Dare to eat kale!

If you have not tried the super green yet, go to whole foods and buy their Carnival kale salad. It is a treat for your taste buds and the least intimidating way to introduce yourself to a veggie typically eaten by macrobiotic followers.

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  1. I recently turned on to Kale salad. I simply love the texture of it and put wonderful toppings on it too. First I rip up the kale as, then put some good oil or homemade dressing on it and massage kale to “soften” a bit. Add carrots, celery, daikon radish, beets and scallion it, topping it off with tomatoes. The best is sprinking flax, hemp, sunflower, nutrional yeast and spicy pumpkin seeds. Any sort of nuts will enhance the salad. Sometime we use chopped curry cashews or chopped pecans. I have been experimenting with homemade salad dressings also using Tahini, miso, mustard, balsamic, vegenaise, coconut aminos etc. For some additional protein I may add “Nancy’s Cottage Cheese” if I am in the mood. I try to use everything organic these days and stay away from “white” food. Feeling better and loving my salad. It can be a meal unto itself.

  2. My daughter turned me on to kale 2 years ago and I love it. She sauteed it with olive oil and garlic. Once the leaves cook down, I have also tossed in some penne and grilled chicken for a great meal…the more kale the better. The kale salad sounds delicious…so I’ll have to try a new kale dish. Thanks. I have yet to see kale chips.

  3. Kale is fantastic and super nutritious. My family loves it when I sautee it in olive oil and slices of garlic, salt, pepper and cayeene pepper. I burn it a bit so the garlic and kale are krispy. I also add it to soups, quinoa, practically anything cause it doesn’t have much flavor but its so healthy!!!!!! This is the first time I blogged. Cool!

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